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Patient Information

What to expect?

At your initial consultation,we will be taking a detailed history about your condition. You will be asked a number of questions about your relevant medical history to understand your problem. If you are taking any medication, did some lab tests and/or X-rays it may be worthwhile bringing it with you. A physical examination will be carried out. From the information gained in both parts of your assessment, your diagnosis & treatment options will be discussed. Beforehand, you will be requested to sign an informed consent which explains all your rights & responsibilities as a client.





What to Bring ?

To make things easy for you, we have provided the following checklist. Please review it and bring along all relevant items to your appointment:

  • A Doctor’s referral or other referrals or reports related to your condition
  • Recent X-rays, CT, ultrasound or MRI scans related to your condition
  • List of current medications


What to Wear ?

We want you to be comfortable – unrestrictive or athletic clothing is highly recommended for all sessions. This allows your Physiotherapist to properly assess the area being treated. For low back, hip and lower limb problems loose, unrestrictive shorts are suitable. For neck and shoulder problems, a singlet is ideal. We also recommend comfortable footwear, preferably without a heel. If you are coming straight from work, or have forgotten to wear or bring unrestrictive clothing, don’t worry. We have a range of surgical gown to make you feel comfortable.