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Physiotherapy Works

There are still who consider physiotherapy as an alternative medicine or as a massage technique and think that the only available solutions to address their physical problems are either medication or surgery.

Research suggests that physiotherapy significantly improves the recovery of most conditions, as well as being instrumental in the prevention of further injuries.

Physiotherapy often forms an integral part of a patient’s treatment plan and an indicator of individual progress which can boost self-esteem and speed up the rate of recovery through enhancing the natural healing process on mental & physical level. It can even treat long-term problems as well as acute injuries, it also potential to keep our aging population mobile and healthy.

Physiotherapists are very good at looking at the whole picture. If you had a knee problem the physiotherapist will address the condition holistically assessing the problem first then designing a treatment plan to deal with the pain, mobility, strength & the general body functional ability. This approach applies to all conditions ranging from orthopedic conditions, neurological, pediatrics & cardiopulmonary.

Exercise program done at home are crucial in getting the ultimate outcome of your treatment. It takes time and practice but doing so can prevent a recurrence of the injury. Physiotherapy may take longer time in solving your problem but it is safer.
Physiotherapy works because it gets you moving, overcome your pain, make you independent & optimize the quality of your life.