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Physiotherapy provides treatment to varieties of musculoskeletal & neurological injuries in a non-invasive intervention, its main goal is to facilitate recovery & maximize functional mobility.
Physiotherapy can reach its goal through:


  • Controlling pain
  • Improving functional range of motion of the affected part & the whole body

  • Prevent fibrosis or soft tissue contractures in injured, weak or paralyzed limbs

  • Prevent disuse atrophy during healing phases

  • Improve circulation

  • Increase power & strength

  • Reeducate proprioception

  • Enhance quality movement

  • Involve patients in their own care through education & active self-care

  • Resume the regular activities of daily living including home, work, recreational activities & sport

  • Injury prevention


All the above can be discussed with our client to reach a realistic & satisfactory results provided their compliance with the treatment sessions & home program.